Company History

Katan Kitchens is as much a personal passion, as a professional venture for Jamie Draves, President and CEO

In 2007, I suffered a ‘health crisis’ (idiopathic pancreatitis), during which traditional medicine failed to find a cause, treatment or solution. With my health deteriorating significantly and pancreas atrophying, I took the initiative to seek out any and all traditional and alternative health care professionals to bring me back to health. Through this process, I built “My Healthcare Team” which comprised of 12 health professionals of varying expertise and experience. Together, we developed a personal health plan that focused on a diet to improve digestion, my immune system and overall health. Creating allergy/intolerance-free foods using SuperFoods was a key element to my health plan. My approach and focus on being ‘Healthier today than I was yesterday’ worked, saving 2/3 of my pancreas and leading to my return to balanced health.

Using his chemistry and environmental science education, Jamie has spent the past several years researching and understanding the importance of food health. Working in the pharmaceutical and retail health industries, has allowed Jamie to expand his knowledge on ‘making sense’ of the wealth of health information that exists in the public domain. He is determined to share his foods, learnings and experience with others who suffer health challenges due to allergies, intolerances, and/or indigestion.